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At Eagle Boat Windows, we offer a range of parts and spares that meet the needs of boat owners whether it be a quick repair or a refurbishment of a sliding window. Below are the basic categories of parts that we offer and we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their application so that the correct part can be supplied.

Windows Parts

• Closed Cell Neoprene seals. These sponge type seals are used in opening windows to ensure a watertight seal when the window is closed. Typically, we stock thicknesses from 3mm to 18mm in various widths, with or without an adhesive backing.
• Channelling for Sliding Windows. We stock three sizes of flock channelling, and each is designed to offer a smooth action to your sliding window. We normally send out samples for owners to try on their windows before the order the appropriate amount.
• Weatherstrip and Seals for Sliding Windows. Weatherstrips come in two styles – a blade with a “bulb” or an extruded section. Again, we can send out samples for customers to assess first.
• Herzim Trim. This is the plastic trim that locates in a channel on the outside of the window frame and covers the screws. We supply it in 11mm and 12.7mm widths.

Hatch and Port seals

• We have stock of commonly used rubber and neoprene seals for most makes of hatch. Please call or e-mail us with your requirements – don’t forget the age and size of your hatch.


• Self tapping screws – we have a wide range of stainless steel self tapping screws with various head types (including pan head and countersunk). If we do not have the size you require, we can order it for delivery usually within 48hours.
• Machine screws – we mainly stock two thread sizes: M4 and M5. With a range of lengths and head styles, we can normally provide the exact part you require from stock.
• Inter-screws. These are the threaded sleeve nuts that are attached to the trim ring on the inside of your boat. We stock the same threads as the machine screws above, and the inter-screws come in 2 different lengths – approx 6mm and 10mm.
• Dome & Nyloc Nuts and washers – we stock a range of metric and imperial stainless threaded nuts and washers to suit. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bedding Compound

We strongly recommend and supply a non-setting, non-adhesive butyl based compound for bedding in windows, hatches and other deck fittings. The advantages for using this type of compound include:-
• The joint between the window and boat remains moist and therefore allows for some movement that would typically occur during sailing or due to differential expansion rates (particularly important where a Perspex window is screwed directly onto the side of a boat)
• If you discover that your window is not fixed down enough, you can tighten it further to improve the seal and remove any excess when dry.
• The compound is non adhesive and therefore will not damage your boat if the window or hatch needs to be removed.
• The product has a very long service life within the tube and can be used for other sealing jobs in the future.
• It is easy to remove as it hardens when exposed to air. Any moist compound can be removed with White Spirit and a soft cloth.


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